Who We Are

Project supported by Pete Millard, Laur Fitton, Molly Cranston, Safiye Gray and Caitlin McLoughlin.

Pedagogic Project

As you begin your degree at Kingston School of Art and continue on your creative journey, it is important that you continue to develop and grow confidence in your own voice as an illustrator animator. Your voice is unique to you and will relates to the subjects and themes you want to make work about, the people you wish to make work for, and the processes and visual languages that you’ll use to express yourself and communicate your ideas. These themes might come through your own unique backgrounds; cultural and social heritage, experienced and understood both as individuals but also as part of a broader collective society.

Throughout this year, you will work both independently and collaboratively as part of a cultural community. This project asks you to consider your identity from the perspective of both the individual and the collective. You will be introduced to working methods that will support the development of your ideas, values and voice to harness the collective energy of our studio community as a declaration of who we are.


Over the course of the next three weeks, you will be introduced to a range of collaborative methods for illustration animation and be asked to use these to investigate and visualise identities that relates to and are significant for you.

Through this project, you will collect and interrogate your individual interests, values and references as a method of research, before widening the scope to find a commonality between you and your group.  Each group will work together to expand on this common ground to develop a reproducible, collaborative zine and risograph poster that offers a visual snap-shot of who we are, our shared values and identity/ies at this point.

Our intention is to have an exhibition and zine fayre in the main entrance at Knights Park to declare our identity and share our work with the wider community at KSA as a statement of intent that communicates our values, interests and beliefs as a collective. 

Eleni Tucker / Freddy Claridge / Umbra Umbra / Lucas Courtney / Giaccomo Grilli Blair / Andy Guo

‘Who Are We’ is a collaborative group project that uses a shared theme of commonality between each group as a starting point for research, experimentation and communication.

Eleanor Ingram / Vicky Hathway / Ellie Horn / Tom Podmore / Erica Di Gregorio / Macy Houston
Cora Wang / Sonny Cheung / Wendy Wang / Jiaying Zhu / Heaven Hanwen Zhang / Jueyu Aubrey Zhou